Sticker Installation

Note: Surface should be between 50-80 Degrees Fahrenheit to allow adhesive to stick.

Step 1: Make sure surface is clean and dry (If you have used a cleaning product, let it dry for a longer period of time to ensure there is no residue remaining on surface).

Step 2: Smooth out the back of the sticker to insure sticker and clear masking stick together (Use credit card, drivers license etc...)

Step 3: Peel sticker back from paper. The clear masking will bring sticker up with it. If the backing starts to come up with the sticker or the sticker does not stick to the clear masking, stop and peel from the opposite side. 

Step 4: Apply sticker evenly and smooth center out.

Step 5: Smooth out sticker (With credit card, drivers license etc...)

Step 6: Slowly peel back masking from sticker to give it a nice clean look.

Step 7: Step back and look at how awesome it looks!

Step 1