Blog No. 9 Already December

Hello December and Thank You

Say What??? How is this possible? It feels like we were just celebrating the New Years then all of a sudden Halloween showed up, Thanksgiving and now we are just over two weeks out from Christmas. Time fly's when you'er having fun! As of now we are continuing to grow and expand our product line and it is all thanks to you! Thanks to your support we are able to continue to bringing you guys new designs, products and content. We can't thank you enough!

What's New

If you guys are following us on social media, specifically Instagram (@stickersnorthwest) you may have noticed that we are giving you sneak peaks of some projects in the works and recent deals. You may have also noticed that we are packaging all our website orders differently. We believe a great product should be showcased, and what better way than a beautiful package waiting for you at your doorstep like a present! We have also been able to get outside more often with little day trips to explore some of the beautiful places here in the Northwest. Lately our trips have been riding the mountains and small hikes and adventures around popular spots in the area. We hope to continue to do that. It's what we are all about! We love the fresh air and the smell of rain! If you don't already, feel free to check us out on Instagram so you can stay up to date on all our newest trips, projects and awesome deals! Thanks Again! Cheers!


Curtis Tompkins
Curtis Tompkins