Blog No. 2 Who Are We?

Who Are We Anyway?

You'er probably wondering who we are and what on earth we do. Well, we are all PNW grow individuals that love nothing more then exploring the great northwest! We are currently located in the heart of Tacoma WA (About 40 minutes south of Seattle). In our free time we hike, bike, camp, ski, snowboard, and anything else you could do outdoors. Oh, and you can't forget about golf. We love golf! Whether its the salty shores of the ocean coast, or the crisp fresh air of the mountains, we love it all! We value the importance of friends, family and the beauty of the northwest. Together we've fused all of our interests together and continue to developĀ a company that represents all of those things in one great idea. We try our best to take you along on our adventures through photos and videos. If you want to see more you can check out our Instagram account @stickersnorthwest to stay up do date on what were are out doing!


The Stickers Northwest Crew

Curtis Tompkins
Curtis Tompkins