12 Days of Christmas Deals!

December 02, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Discounts!

It's that time of the year again where we spread joy and cheer to all we know and love. We're kicking it off with some discounts for all of you! 12 days of Christmas starts on December 5th 2016 and will run through December 16th 2016. This is the perfect opportunity for you to grab some gifts or buy something you've been thinking about for a long time. The discounts apply to everything in the listed category for that day only. Just use the Promo Codes listed below when you checkout to get the deal! Information is listed here below! Cheers!

Dec 5. Alaska Collection 25% Off! Code: AK25

Dec 6. Montana Collection 25% Off! Code: MT25

Dec 7. Northwest Collection 25% Off! Code: NW25

Dec 8. Idaho Collection 25% Off! Code: ID25

Dec 9. Seattle 12 Collection 25% Off! Code: SEA25

Dec 10. T-Shirts 25% Off! Code: TEE25

Dec 11. Sweatshirts 25% Off! Code: HOODIE25

Dec 12. Stickers 25% Off! Code: STICKER25

Dec 13. Oregon Collection 25% Off! Code: OR25

Dec 14. Washington Collection 25% Off! Code: WA25

Dec 15. Baseball Tee's 25% Off! Code: BASEBALL25

Dec 16. Free Shipping! Code: FREESHIPPING

Blog No. 9 Already December

December 08, 2015

Hello December and Thank You

Say What??? How is this possible? It feels like we were just celebrating the New Years then all of a sudden Halloween showed up, Thanksgiving and now we are just over two weeks out from Christmas. Time fly's when you'er having fun! As of now we are continuing to grow and expand our product line and it is all thanks to you! Thanks to your support we are able to continue to bringing you guys new designs, products and content. We can't thank you enough!

What's New

If you guys are following us on social media, specifically Instagram (@stickersnorthwest) you may have noticed that we are giving you sneak peaks of some projects in the works and recent deals. You may have also noticed that we are packaging all our website orders differently. We believe a great product should be showcased, and what better way than a beautiful package waiting for you at your doorstep like a present! We have also been able to get outside more often with little day trips to explore some of the beautiful places here in the Northwest. Lately our trips have been riding the mountains and small hikes and adventures around popular spots in the area. We hope to continue to do that. It's what we are all about! We love the fresh air and the smell of rain! If you don't already, feel free to check us out on Instagram so you can stay up to date on all our newest trips, projects and awesome deals! Thanks Again! Cheers!


Blog No 8. Opt Outside

November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Exploring

Hello all! Hope you had just as good of a weekend that we did! We had quite an eventful time. With the weather being as beautiful as it was this past Thanksgiving weekend we chose to spend it outside. The cold doesn't keep us away! There is just something about the fresh, cool air of the Pacific Northwest that rejuvenates the sole. We checked out Crystal Mountain on Thanksgiving morning before spending the evening with our families. The conditions we decent for early season. It was great to get some runs in this early in the season! Not every year we are that privileged here in the PNW ;). It was clear blue sky's with a little ice in the morning but softened up by the early afternoon. The rest of the weekend was consumed Christmas tree hunting and hikes through the 5 Mile Drive down by Point Defiance. We caught the last of the afternoon sun on the way through. It gave us a beautiful view of the Narrows Bridge(s). We also spotted some raccoon's wondering around. You can check out some of the pictures we put below. Check out our awesome new Mountains Please sticker! Hope y'all were able to get out and enjoy the weekend as well and spend time with loved ones! See you guys around! Cheers!

Blog NO. 7 Black Friday!

November 25, 2015

Black Friday Deal

Hello Friends!

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up we are making it easy for you guys to shop without the crowds. From midnight of Friday November 27th through 11:59 PM on Monday November 30th we are giving you guys 20% off everything! There is no minimum amount to get the discount or maximum limit, so shop a little or shop until you drop. Just enter PROMO CODE BF20 at the checkout to receive the discount. It's a great time to get a good deal on all the items you've been wanting or a good time to shop for gifts! Get all your Holiday shopping done in one spot in just a matter of minutes and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Any questions you can email info@stickersnorthwest.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stickers Northwest Crew

Blog No. 6 New Logo

November 20, 2015

Our New Look

Big News! We have a new logo! It is something that has been in the works for a while that we have now finally finished. We wanted to create something that brought the pacific northwest feel of the company but could keep a versatile look. After much hard though and collaboration with our designer (DJ Morgan) we came up with one that was perfect! Like always, our main focus is developing top quality products that look clean and flawless. We believe we really hit the nail on the head with this one. We developed the logo in two formats that you can see below. We have already launched them on our website and all our social media outlets (links below). You will also start seeing them on the packages we send you! We may also make some stickers based on the design in the near future. ;) Cheers!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stickersnorthwest/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StickersNorthwest

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/stickersnw/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stickersnw


New Product Introduction

We've launched a few new products! We are now making magnets. They are buyable on our website now, however how about we just give you some instead? That's right! We are posting a photo today and are giving you a chance to win all 4 for free! We will choose the winner Wednesday, November 11th at noon! All you need to do is tag someone in the photo you think would want one (you can choose to keep them for yourself or give them to that person). This contest will be specific to our Instagram users. So if you haven't already, check us out @stickersnorthwest on Instagram. Enjoy!

New Website Soon

Hello Everyone! Yes, it is true. We are giving our website a new face lift! Now I know what you'er asking, "But you guys just redid the website". True, we did. However, rather then just a list of products we wanted to add a little more zest to the way our website looks to give it a more appealing feel. What's being changed? All we are basically doing is giving it a unique look that will better showcase our products and give you guys a better idea of how everything looks. With that there will be more pictures, descriptions and an overall more enjoyable experience while shopping online. We are still in the works but we will keep you guys updated on when we are launching it! Thanks for all your support!

Contest Winner and Recap

Thank you to all who entered our #SNWSPOOK pumpkin carving contest! We had lots of awesome choices to choose from. If you didn't know, our contest ran from October 20th through October 31st. For this contest the winner is receiving a sticker pack of their choice! Our winner is Sarah! If you didn't see her awesome photo check it out! (see image below). If you missed this contest don't worry, we will have more contests in the near future. To stay up to date on our newest contests you can follow us on Instagram @stickersnorthwest or on our Facebook at facebook.com/stickersnorthwest or just click the links at the bottom of our homepage to lead you there. See you guys around!

Blog No. 2 Who Are We?

October 23, 2015

Who Are We Anyway?

You'er probably wondering who we are and what on earth we do. Well, we are all PNW grow individuals that love nothing more then exploring the great northwest! We are currently located in the heart of Tacoma WA (About 40 minutes south of Seattle). In our free time we hike, bike, camp, ski, snowboard, and anything else you could do outdoors. Oh, and you can't forget about golf. We love golf! Whether its the salty shores of the ocean coast, or the crisp fresh air of the mountains, we love it all! We value the importance of friends, family and the beauty of the northwest. Together we've fused all of our interests together and continue to develop a company that represents all of those things in one great idea. We try our best to take you along on our adventures through photos and videos. If you want to see more you can check out our Instagram account @stickersnorthwest to stay up do date on what were are out doing!


The Stickers Northwest Crew

Blog No. 1 Pumpkin Contest

October 22, 2015

#SNWSPOOK Pumpkin Contest 10/20/15-10/31/15

It's time for another contest! This time we are asking you guys to take pictures of your ever so awesome pumpkin carvings. It's easy, all you need to do is #SNWSPOOK one of your pumpkin photos and follow us on Instagram, if you don't already. The winner will receive a sticker pack of their choosing! The winner will be chosen on Monday, November 2nd, 2015. Good luck and happy carving!